Admission to the institute is offered on the basis of student's performance in our admission test.


RiSE, is raising the benchmark of success year after year. Our students have secured admission to IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITS, GMC, SKIMS, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, etc.

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RiSE, currently offers multiple courses for medical, non-medical, engineering, JEE & NEET aspirants.

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Yusra, GMC Srinagar

I joined RISE in 2017 and was blessed with a really good faculty. It prevented me from skimming through a lot of irrelevant books. Regular tests provide you a competitive environment.
Also the class ambience is way too different from others. RISE definitely gives boost to ones career provided you are honest with your efforts. That place also packed a lot of positive memories for me.

Athar, IIT Kharagpur

One thing which is very important as far as JEE is concerned, you need to have good mentors who will guide you through the preparation, I was lucky in that area because I joined RISE and I was constantly in touch with the teachers who helped not just with the general things but also more subtle things which we often miss out on. Last thing which I would love to share with the people who are preparing for JEE, try to enjoy your preparation. The amount of effort you put in is directly proportional to rank and hence it’s worth all your hard work.

Faisal, IIT Kharagpur

"JEE" may be one of the toughest exams but it's not impossible to qualify. All those who want to crack this exam, my advice to them is START NOW, dedicate yourself to it, stay focused for the whole period of two years right from XI class. But one needs guidance and path to be followed and RISE is one good place for that and part of my success goes to them. I appreciate help of RiSE more than words can explain.

Yawar, IIT Kanpur

“Yawar: “Studying in Kashmir, you can’t get into an IIT”. That’s what people around me used to say. IIT was more like a dream than a goal for me. Then, I joined RiSE and my whole perspective changed. I realised that, although difficult, it wasn’t impossible to crack JEE and get into an IIT. When I had lost hope, my teachers at RiSE told me that it was never going to be easy, and if you want to succeed, you must never give up no matter how difficult things get. So, I picked myself up and started working even harder. I studied hours and hours everyday. With all the hard work and my teachers’ amazing methodology, I finally achieved my dream goal. “Studying in Kashmir, you can’t get into an IIT”, they said. “Hi, I’m Yawar Altaf studying at IIT Kanpur”, I replied.