What our students say about us

"In high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to be in my life. I was very ambitious and had very clear goals - I wanted to go to an IIT. But being from Shopian, I lacked the support and guidance that I needed. After RTSE I moved to Srinagar and joined RiSE. I can say that RiSE changed my life for the absolute good. They provided me with the necessary guidance and resources for not just JEE but also exams such as SAT that could lead me to my goal of becoming a good engineer. Now that I am a second year student in college, I think back and realize how much the teachers at RiSE have done to make sure that the struggles I have faced to shift to a different city, and everything that comes with it, don't go to waste. They made sure that I make something out of myself and for that I will be always indebted to this institution."
-Adeeba Tak is currently pursuing Mechancal engineering from University of Pennsylvania

"I am currently a student at Princeton University. The experience has been overwhelming, and I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity. I had been working for something like this for a long time but RiSE helped me fully realize this dream. My mentors there helped me with the finer things like the standardized tests and the college application but more importantly, they made me believe that I can succeed and became an essential part of my support system through a tough journey in an even tougher environment. The structure of the classes and process of teaching is one of a kind in Kashmir and is well suited to prepare you for really competitive exams like JEE Advanced. I am very grateful to this institution and hopeful that they will continue to help more and more students to achieve their goals."
-Moin Mir is currently pursuing Computer science engineering from the Princeton University

"I dreamt of studying at IIT Bombay. I found the preparations for JEE very interesting, and gave it my best. Unfortunately, my health did not support me during my first attempt. The situation was so bad that I couldn't even qualify for JEE Advanced. I was dejected and disheartened. That's when I learnt about RISE, an institute in Kashmir. They ecouraged me to give it another try. They guided me, addressed my weaknesses and helped me identify my strengths.They ensured I got access to the best resources, content and test series, even if it meant sending question papers to my home in Shopian. RiSE was the right step towards realizing my dream of studying at IIT Bombay"
-Malik Aneeb is currently pursuing B. Tech. in electrical engineering from IIT Bombay

"I am from Kupwara. I got shifted to Srinagar with the hope of getting better study options. I joined a few coaching institutes to prepare for JEE. But in Kashmir to find a coaching center where all subjects are taught well is very difficult. Then I came to know of RISE through one of my friends who used to study there. Initially, I thought it would be like other coaching institutes that are in the valley. But once I joined the institute, I felt the difference. At RISE the faculty ensures individual attention to each and every student. Unlike most of other institutes, faculty regularly conducts doubt clearing sessions which are very essential for an exam of such huge importance. RISE also makes students get used to jee type exams, which are conducted regularly. Once you join RISE you become part of the RISE family whose sole purpose is not only to prepare students for the exam but also to prepare them for the life that is ahead of it. All the faculty members are very helpful and very friendly. You can come to them with your doubts anytime. They are all-time available. Being honest it is almost impossible to find an institute like RISE. It has always been a pleasure to be part of the RISE family."
-Wasim Ishaq Khan is currently pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT Sri City

"After completing my 10th standard, I wanted to become an engineer. I wanted to study at a reputed engineering college. I joined a coaching centre hoping that it would benefit me, but the rote-based learning methodology proved unsuccessful. I did not qualify the JEE in my first attempt. I had heard from a friend about this new coaching institute called RISE run by IITians and decided to enrol for their one year programme. It proved to be a unique experience. RiSE aimed at developing my concepts first and foremost. They helped me in improving my problem solving skills which is a prerequisite for acing any entrance exam. I had plenty of time to self-study, and the teachers were immensely helpful. I now study at NIT Srinagar, where I will be able to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. All thanks to RISE. I would recommend anyone interested in engineering to join RISE."
-Uneib Mehraj is currently pursuing B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication from NIT Srinagar

"I would like to thank RISE for the role they played in encouraging and motivating me to fulfill my dream of pursuing MBBS. At RISE, my teachers ensured that my confidence was never shaken. Their methodology of teaching ensures better comprehension, higher retention and better application of concepts. Competitive environment, experienced faculty and well planned methodology sets RISE apart. RISE team leaves no stone unturned towards ensuring students land in top colleges. I owe my success to RISE."
-Uroosa Gazi is currently pursuing MBBS from SKIMS Medical College.

"Due to continuous encouragement and unconditional support from the faculty, it was possible for me to crack various national level examinations. Rise helped me in acquiring skills required to match the standards pertaining to these examinations. The institute aims at developing your concepts, chiseling and nurturing your skills."
-Aqsa Rouf secured admission to B. A. (Hons), Economics at St. Stephen's, New Delhi. Aqsa stood 3rd in JKBOSE Examinations and, also, secured admission to NIT Srinagar.

"All entrance exams are problem solving based & ask for Solving instincts. A good coaching centre is one which imparts insight into the subject matter & provides a platform to develop problem solving instincts. RISE sells on all that. They have a systematic approach, keeping a schedule of classes, tests & revision in order to make learning conducive and organised. The faculty is caring & concerned about the welfare of students, counselling them individually, time to time, in order to keep track of their preparation. The test series before the real exam contains conceptually enriched problems which cement the fundamentals & drub exam fear. Join RISE at the earliest for a peppy learning experience."
-Peer Uzair was a student of One Year Target batch for JEE-2015. He is currently pursuing Civil Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"Although hardwork is key to success, but proper guidance and encouragement are of paramaount importance to crack any competitive exam. For this I am greatly thankful to RISE where not only my strengths were polished but it also inspired me to achieve my goal. Limited number of students, regular tests, and, dedicated and helpful faculty are some of the key features of this premier institute. For aspirants of JEE Mains/Adv RISE provides a full time course to achieve what they aim and deserve. Sieze the opportunity and make the best of it"
-Samma Malik is currently pursuing Civil Engineering from NIT Srinagar. Besides doing well in JEE Mains she also secured 4th position in Class 12 JKBOSE Examinations

"It was an excellent experience learning under the guidance of great teachers. Rise is totally different from other institutes because the enrollment is less and thus every student is able to gain maximum there. With regular JEE-pattern tests ,one is able to check his/her strength and weakness. Joining Rise was a good decision. I recommend my juniors to join RISE, if they want to crack JEE."
-Zeeshan Fayaz is currently pursuing Electrical Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"I was very fortunate to be under the able guidance of the faculty at RISE during my JEE preparation. I had enrolled in the "capsule course" and I think of it as the most effective part in my whole course of preparation.
The teaching methodology used at RISE is quite different from other coaching institutes in Kashmir; the classroom atmosphere is very competitive making students work harder. The faculty encourages self studying and and makes sure that each student gets individual attention and the limited number students enrolled in the course helps this cause. The teacher-student relationship there is very cordial.
RISE is surely changing the mindset and approach of the students, especially the Kashmiri ones, towards competitve exams, I know that because it has changed mine "
-Asrar Rahmat is currently pursuing Chemical Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"Studying at RISE was an exceptional and an invigorating experience for me, the reasons being many. Firstly, the faculty at RISE is the best in the business. It is more than motivated to bring out the best from their students. They have a two-tier way of working. Concept building is followed by rigorous and well defined methods of problem solving. They expose you to a variety of problems that can be asked in a competitive exam thus making you all the more confident of cracking such exams. Special focus is given to improve question comprehension ability which is a key factor in time management in exams like JEE, BITSAT and many more. To add to this, the class environment complements the teaching quality equally well and thus makes an ideal place to learn. Individual attention is the key component in this institute.
Most importantly, a student needs time for self study. This is the most important factor that determines your success in entrance exams as well as in board. The curriculum of the institute is such that they ensure adequate time is devoted by students to self study.
I would suggest the students to join RISE if they really want to clear exams like JEE, BITSAT, etc. The more time you spend here, the more beneficial it is going to be. People in Kashmir start preparing seriously for entrance exams just after their 12th exams come to an end. And that is where the problem creeps in. It would be better if you utilize the two years of intermediate well."The Earlier ,The Better."
-Faizan Sofi is currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani. He secured 1st position in class 12 JKBOSE Examinations.

"I joined RISE a few months before taking my JEE and it really helped me prepare well. The main focus here is clearing concepts, practicing problems and teaching problem solving techniques necessary for competitive exams. The classes have limited students and the teachers try to be available round the clock. This institute should be the first choice for students planning taking competitive exams like JEE, JKCET, BITSAT, etc"
-Ansab Jan is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from NIT Srinagar. Besides doing extremely well in JEE, he also scored 96.2% in class 12 JKBOSE exams.

"When it comes to cracking competitive exams, especially IIT-JEE, RISE is the best institute. The faculty is skill full, humble and passionate to show you the way through. Not only the faculty, but the classroom atmosphere is quite friendly ensuring individual attention to all. Their well drafted Lecture Scheme ensures completion of syllabus in time but the main focus lies on concept building and problem solving. 'I simply choose to learn from the best.'"
-Zarnain Fayaz is currently pursuing her Civil Engineering from NIT Srinagar. She scored 96.6% in class 12 JKBOSE examinations

"The depth in which the curriculum is taught at RISE is far greater than any other institute I studied with. While I enrolled for a 4 month course, I highly recommend joining at the earliest to utilize your 11th and 12th standards to prepare for entrances(12th boards studies will be almost completely covered if you do so).
Teaching, doubt-clearance and tests are all at the top of the class, and the small in student-number yet competitive classrooms truly set RISE apart."
-Shayan Jaleel is currently pursuing his Computer Science Engineering from NIT Srinagar. Shayan scored 96.6% in class 12 JKBOSE examinations

"Studying at RISE was a great learning experince. The teaching methodology is exceptional. Each lecture is followed by a problem solving session pertaining to the topic which helps in strengthening the concepts. The motivating and highly competitive environment at RISE helped me to stay focussed throughout the course and brought about the best in me to achieve my goal. Besides, the small class roll and adequate self study time makes RISE an ideal institute for competitive examinations."
-Mohammad Saalim is currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"The students are right from the beginning exposed to standard problems of IIT-JEE unlike other contemporary institutes. The teachers are themselves proficient IITians and most importantly native Kashmiris which makes the process of interacting and learning quite easy. Ideal for students aspiring for IIT-JEE. I would recommend joining the two year course."
-Shahid Malik is currently pursuing Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"I am highly grateful to the faculty at RISE. I learnt about techniques I wouldn't have discovered if it weren't for RISE. The main focus is on concept clearance and problem solving techniques which are of great help for cracking various entrance exams. Also, due to the small class roll every student gets individual attention plus the doubt clearance sessions on each topic make the concepts crystal clear.
RISE is the best option for those who aim to excel in exams like JEE, BITSAT, etc."
-Naif Bilal is currently pursuing his Chemical Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"The faculty at RISE institute is nothing short of exceptional. The atmosphere is a competitive one. The thing that stands out is the approach that "Problem solving is just as important as understanding the theory", something that is not to be found in the valley. In addition to excellent faculty what really helped me was the smaller class size which meant I could receive more individual attention. Besides, regular assignments and tests also played a pivotal role in my success.
The best thing about RISE is that a student is given sufficient time for self study which is most important thing determining success in competitive exams. Therefore I advice my juniors to join RISE institute at an early stage to be able to achieve success in competitive exams."
-Fahad Hilal is currently pursuing his Computer Science Engineering from NIT Srinagar. Besides doing well in JEE - 2014, he scored 95.8% in class 12 JKBOSE exams

"Joining RISE was a great decision. The faculty at RISE is extra-ordinary. Class size is small so you get individual attention. The best thing about RISE is that a student is given sufficient time for self study which is very important in cracking competitive exams. I would recommend RISE institute to every student who aims to crack JEE, especially the two year course."
-Sabit Amin is a student of Metallurgical Engineering department at NIT Srinagar.

"My experience at Rise was quite a positive one. Coaching institutes in general are faced by the dilemma of whether to focus more on the basic concepts and understanding or on the more 'in demand' skills which are required for competitive exams.
Rise is unique in the sense that it strikes a balance between these two equally important aspects. Healthy competition, regular tests and stress on practice and problem solving made it all happen. I recommend to everyone who aspires to crack JEE to join Rise."
-Faizan Mir is currently pursuing Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Srinagar.

"The faculty at RISE Institute is nothing but the best in everything especially the concepts. The main reason because of which I joined RISE Institute was that I have always felt that one needs to have a good environment wherein he is able to express his views freely & have an open study schedule. The highly planned & managed classroom environment proved to be an ideal destination for my requirements. I studied in a stress free environment during my study period at RISE & this saved my time & energy.
I owe my success to Rise Institute. Without their constant support & guidance, achieving my goal was impossible. The support shown by the faculty was highly appreciable. I would suggest my juniors to join Rise Institute at an early stage to get the highly effective teaching to achieve their goals."
-Mujtahid is currently pursuing his Civil Engineering from NIT Srinagar. Besides doing well in JEE, he scored 97.6% in class 12 JKBOSE examinations

"At RISE I experienced totally unique yet effective approaches of teaching. Lectures were truly motivating and inspiring. The assignments and practice tests were intellectually stimulating. Small class size helped me in receiving individual attention. I would recommend RISE institute to every student who aims to crack JEE!"
-Adeelah Mir is currently pursuing her Engineering from NIT Srinagar. Among other academic achievements, she scored 95.8% marks in Class 12 JKBOSE exams

"Studying at RISE was an enjoyable and invigorating learning experience. The teachers helped me clear all the basics and establish the fundamental concepts. Each lecture was followed by a problem solving session pertaining to the topic being taught, this resulted in strengthening of my problem solving abilities, and also, exposed me to a variety of questions that can be asked from a topic."
-Ayman Mir secured 182 marks in JEE mains and 91.2% in class 12 CBSE examination. He is currently studying at NIT Srinagar.